I founded Cherry Trees Montessori School in 1982  in my own home with only 3 children at a time when Montessori was emerging as a teaching method across the UK. 10 years later, and with 140 children enrolled, Cherry Trees was the largest  Montessori school in Europe.  

As the school grew, I qualified first as a St Nicholas course tutor running the regional training centre from the school premises, then later as an accreditor of Montessori Schools across the UK and worldwide. 


Childen are quite unique creatures.  I have always felt very strongly that Montessori creates the perfect environment to allow children to be the incredibly inquisitive and explorative little people that they are.  The potential they have to absorb information at the foundation and primary stages is staggering and provides the grounding for life long learning. We owe it to them to get it right and cultivate a love of learning.


Having spent over 30 years in the EYFS and primary classroom, I now divide my time between my roles as a Educational consultant and Montessori ambassador as well as enjoying the privilege of inspiring children through workshops and sessions delivered from premises at my own home.

I hold a BSc Hons in Natural History, Ecology & Conservation and a Masters degree in Education.

Just as importantly, I am a mother of 2 and grandmother of 4 so constantly on my toes!  Thank you for being interested in my site and please get in touch with any enquiries.