"Being herself an experiential learner, Wendy understands that children need hands-on experiences to learn. She also understands how fundamental movement is to learning and how to create a dynamic and ever-evolving environment for children to grow and flourish in. 


Wendy appreciates that education is about going into new territories and discovering new things. She believes that nature offers this experience because it's forever changing and transforming. Nature is one of those constant adventures, and it should be a core component of the learning environment. 


She believes that human development is a holistic experience and that therefore school should be more than a transfer of knowledge. School should give children the opportunity to express and explore many different skills...

...Wendy is a wonderful role model for teachers and students alike, who must learn to constantly self-reflect and understand that learning never stops. For Wendy, challenges are not perceived as a hindrance but as an opportunity for forward movement, to step closer to that next part of the adventure, that is life. 


Wendy’s expertise and huge affinity with the natural world as a wonderful classroom for life experience and for understanding our place as humans in the cosmic picture, has had a huge impact on the curriculum and educational approach implemented at Bloom, where we have literally brought most of the learning into the outdoors with the establishment of our Earth School Programme."

—  Maelys De Rudder, Founder & Director, Bloom Sarajevo